J: Street Lamp Black

My brain registered that the sky is pink but I didn’t take any time to really look.
And a moment later, it had slipped into a deep, heavy grey.
And the pink sky, that passed over me so quickly,
is looming over someone else, in a different place,
in a different shade, but in the same color.

I missed the pink sky. But wait.
I had to stop my self for a moment.
What is that? Oh… yeah. Stars.
One. Two. Five. Twenty-five?

Typically we don’t turn the lights down enough in this city to really see them at all.
But tonight; tonight they caught me.
Or maybe, we caught each other.
I probably could have counted every last one. Because really only a few were present.
And also because to lose myself in time with something so lovely…

Only a few were present.
That’s funny thing to say when really, they were all still there.
But only a few; only a few were were seen.
It’s not that we don’t see the rest because they’re gone.
We don’t see the rest because we’ve created our own light here.

Lovely, shiny specks of white in a deep blue sky.
The clouds sat in such a deep grey it’s as if even they knew they weren’t to steal the show tonight.
And, just as soon as they were here, they were gone.
The rest of the night quickly settled into it’s typical street lamp black.