C: bad outfits & real-estate

I haven’t been very creative with my outfits recently. And I mean it.

Yesterday I wore my fat sweatpants with a random pull-over sweater, accompanied by ghetto earrings and some sneakers. Winner? Yes indeed.

Today isn’t much better. I put together black leggings, a relaxed but vibrantly colored sloppy shirt with a fleece zip-up sweatshirt that isn’t even mine… and don’t forget the socks that are pulled up over my leggings just so my feet stay warm. [Classy wouldn’t exactly be the word.]

Major fail.


Sometimes I find myself looking at real-estate. Why? Because I like pretending that I have all the money in the world and therefore can afford any house I want. And sometimes, I don’t just look at houses — castles are always an option and so are French chateau’s. Because hello? Ever think outside the box?!


The previous picture was when I was looking in France, but right now? It’s Savannah, GA.

I was shoppin’ around last evening in Savannah… my recent obsession with this city is because a favorite music artist is playing there in April – so all of the sudden, Savannah, GA just got really cool.

Anywho… I found a spot. Wanna see???

You’ll pull up to this:

That’s what I’M talkin’ about!

You can relax in here (don’t worry, there’s a den for “real” lounging):


And we can cook in here:


There are multiple bedrooms to choose from so you can take your pick when you visit… And yes, there are things I would change, but there’s only so many perfect things you can get with half a million… right???

Okay. That was fun dreaming.

Now where should I look???

2 Comments on “C: bad outfits & real-estate”

  1. louissa says:

    you’re labeling what i wear most days as “bad outfits”. i don’t appreciate such things.


  2. Lisa C. says:

    Charleston, SC! Hurry! You’ll fall in love with the houses.

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