C: weather changing.

i think we skipped spring.

we went from coats and scarves to flip-flops and t-shirts. and only a week ago we had the heat on trying to warm ourselves all day long but now we are opening the windows and soaking the wonderful sun in. where DID spring go?

for an example i’m going to use Sydney — we read her blog and LOVE it. we don’t actually know her but we pretend that we do. but we’re talking about clothing examples! way to get me off track you guys!

okay. this is Sydney dressed for cold weather. we didn’t look this cool but we were wearing coats and such too.

and then all of the sudden we were in skirts and t-shirts. CRAZY.


another sign of summer (for me at least) is when i start pulling out the “summer” songs. what do i mean by summer songs? who knows. they just sound like summer to me.


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