L: titles are pretty uselesss when you talk as much as me.

i’ve started doing yoga. which isn’t interesting or unusual or remarkable given the fact that i’m a white female under the age of thirty in the country of America. still, yoga is new in my life and it’s basically the only form of exercise i enjoy. just about three weeks into 2014 and i only have a couples days left before it’s apparently a habit (ya know – takes 21 days and all that jazz). so there’s that for new year’s resolutions. also, i’ve been shockingly good at drinking water. like, i stop and ask myself who are you multiple times a day when i reach for the water before the coffee/tea/anything-but-water. waking up to my alarm clock has yet to be mastered but i’m starting to think i was just made to be a night owl and i might have to rearrange my life accordingly. [hashtag i wish]

that’s the latest of the nonsensical side of my life. thrilling, i know.

a while ago, a friend asked me if i’d ever read proverbs 31:9. i figured i had (because what girl who grew up in church/goes to church hasn’t read proverbs 31?!) but i got out my Bible and found it. honestly, i’m sure i’d read it. i am positive i’ve read it. verse 9 is in the beginning of the chapter that is talked about at every women’s conference, singles session, mothers day, and on and on. but i’d never absorbed the meaning of the verse. verses 1-9 of chapter 31 are just the prefix to what actually matters in that chapter… right?

yeah, no. absolutely no. but that’s what i had done all those times i’d flipped open my Bible to that dreaded passage of scripture where i’d read about some crazy psychotic lady who seems to run on 3 hours of sleep and 6 cans of red bull each day. the lady who is virtuous and beautiful and makes her own clothes and cooks and is involved in business and runs a household and takes care of her kids and like stop it already lady you’re making me feel bad that i didn’t brush my hair this morning.


proverbs 31:9. rocked my world this past fall and i can’t move on.

open your mouth, judge righteously,
and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

you know that lady in proverbs 31? i’m not sure i can ever be her. i want to try and learn from her, i do, because i want to do all i can to serve the kingdom of my God. but i think it’s a lot simpler than she makes it seem.

i’m not sure what i want to do with the rest of my days here on earth and i’m not really sure i care what i end up doing. but i know this: i want to spend my days, my energy, my time, learning how to speak truth – the truth of God’s love, His righteousness, His perfection and our weakness and need for His saving grace – into the lives of others around me and to act on behalf of those who need my help.

so while i’m doing yoga and drinking more water and hoping that one day before i die i’ll learn how to wake up to my alarm clock, i’m praying that proverbs 31:9 becomes something i do. me. the seventh child in my family, the church secretary, the one who laughs too loudly, the one who instagrams too much, me. i am praying i am proverbs 31:9.

cause really? who cares if you can make your own clothes but never act for those who need love and protection.

ya know what i’m saying? [hashtag NO RAGRETS]


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